About Us

Ever since our founding, we have evolved in response to changing times, always seeking to support the health of our customers.

Brief History

PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk (the "Company") was initially established as PT Squibb Indonesia in 1970. The Company commenced commercial operations in 1972. The Company was running in pharmaceutical industry, produced Over- the- Counter (" OTC") and Ethical products, both for domestic and export markets. In accordance with article 3 of the Company's Articles of Association, the Company's activities are to develop, register, process, produce and sell chemical, pharmaceutical and health care products. In 2009, the ownership of the Company acquired by Taisho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a company incorporated in Japan. Our head office is located at Millennium Centennial Center 8th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25, Jakarta 12920. The Company's manufacturing plant is located at JI. Raya Bogor Km. 38, Cilangkap Depok – 16958.

Board of Commisioner & Director

  • Takeshi Ishiguro
    President Commissioner

    Mr. Ishiguro joined Taisho Co., Ltd. in 2006. He is in the position of General Manager in Finance Division in Taisho Japan. Prior to joining Taisho, he worked for SRL Inc., a clinical trial company.
    Citizenship: Japanese
    Education: Master of Business Administration - Keio University, Graduate School of Business Administration

  • Osamu Murakami

    Mr. Murakami joined Taisho Co., Ltd. in 1997. He currently holds the role of General Manager in International Business Management Division in Taisho Japan. He holds a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license in Japan.
    Citizenship: Japanese
    Education: Waseda University- Faculty of Economics.

  • Adji Baroto
    Independent Commissioner

    Mr. Adji Baroto joined PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk in 2019. He is experienced in pharmaceutical products marketing, in national and multinational companies. Currently, he is also a lecturer and consultant in marketing and management.
    Citizenship: Indonesian
    Education: Medical Faculty – Indonesia University

Board of Directors

  • Jun Kuroda
    President Director

    He has more than 25 years of marketing experiences with Taisho Co., Ltd. He has been working for Taisho’s subsidiaries in USA and Europe. He is currently in the position of Executive Officer, International Business Headquarter.

    Citizenship: Japanese

    Education: Management School - Golden Gate University, USA, graduated in 1983

  • Yukio Sawada

    He joined Taisho Co.,Ltd in April 2011, and has been assigned as Authorized Director of Taisho Pharmaceutical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. in May 2012 until November 2022.

    Citizenship: Japanese

    Education: Sophia University, graduated in 1991

  • Budhy Herwindo

    He joined PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk in 2017. Before joining Taisho, he held a position of Plant Head at PT. Ethica Industri Farmasi Joint Venture with Fresenius Kabi, Jakarta.

    Citizenship: Indonesia

    Education: Bachelor degree and Pharmacist degree at University Indonesia in 2004 & Master of Management-Prasetiya Mulya Business School, graduated in 2012

  • Adeel A. Hassan

    Mr. Adeel joined as Director of PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk (TPI) in 2023. He has been parts of TPI prior to this appointment, initially joined Taisho in January 2010 as Regional Finance Director & Board Member of Taisho Pharmaceuticals Singapore Pte., Ltd., and as Finance Director and Board Member of TPI.

    Citizenship: Pakistan

    Education: Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan, graduated in 1994