4C Core Competency

06 December 2022

Corporate culture is essential to support the implementation of corporate strategy and culture.

Become the standard reference for corporate values as well as a standard for the behavior reference for employees and those involved in the company. In that regards, everyone have better understanding of the vision and mission of the company as well as the uniformity of spirit, motivation and behavior that encourages everyone to move in the same direction towards the company's goals.

This is what drives BOD of PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia to formulate 4C - Change, Chance, Challenge and Charge as a cultural foundation and at the same time functioning as Core Competence for the employees. 4C is not something new for the Taisho Group, which has had the Taisho Philosophy for a long time, which was later translated into 4C which is applicable to the operational structure of PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia, can be implemented in the rhythm of company and employee performance.

The next phase is introducing 4C and enquire all employees and colleagues to implement it in daily working conditions where the Board of Directors participates in this outreach program to provide examples and support for 4C implementation. The socialization program was carried out in stages starting from the Head and Senior Manager levels, then all employees both in the Head office and in Technical Operations Office (factory) with the socialization method through applicative training with exciting games. Sales Force team, although they are under outsourcing management but they are included as target of socialization because they are required to apply 4C in maintaining suitable working condition and coordination with the Sales Leaders of PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia. So that all parties have a congruent language and reference in managing performance and achieving targets.

For all employees of PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia, 4C become the references for determining employee performance, that performance management is not only assessed from Objectives or KPIs, but the application of 4C in daily work behavior is also being assessed. So then, 360 degree feedback is required to get the opinions about how an employee implements 4C from subordinates and colleagues perspective. HR team then facilitates and send all the feedback as reference for line manager to assess 4C Core Competency of team member.

We are all optimistic that by building a strong culture, PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia will reach the success achieving targets as well as long term business growth. To be pharmaceutical company that are sustain as key players in the pharmaceutical industry.

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