6 Tips on Avoiding Injury while Exercising, One of them is to always Warm Up

06 June 2022

Sport is an activity that is very good for maintaining and improving health. However, we need to ensure to avoid injury during exercise.

Sport is an activity that is very good for maintaining and improving health. However, we need to ensure to avoid injury during exercise.

Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia General Manager, Mr. Toshiyuki Ishii said, there are a lot of lessons or health education materials that can be learnt to help improve health and fitness in exercising.

He also said that Taisho is cooperating with the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), especially regarding the health and safety of athletes' sports to avoid sports injuries.

In general, Toshiyuki explained that most injuries occur to the muscular and skeletal systems of the body during exercise.

These sports injuries may happen unintentionally due to lack of warm-up, exercise that exceeds one’s fitness capacity and due to heat.

Examples of injuries during exercise among others are sprains, knee injuries, tendon injuries, dislocations, fractures, dehydration, and strokes due to high temperatures. To obtain benefits from exercising, here are some tips to prevent injuries during sports that you might want to implement.

1.   Set your targets

Set realistic targets according to your own fitness condition and increase your targets periodically.

2.   Make detail plan in detail if you want to try a new type of sport

The next tip is to create a plan and preparation when starting a new program or a new type of sport. To avoid injury while exercising new sports or program, make sure you have learnt the proper techniques to implement the program or do the sports.

3.   Remember to always have warming up and cooling down.

The next tip is to warm up and cool down. Warming up and cooling down is important to avoid the muscles getting easily tensed and is also useful for increasing flexibility.

4.   Do it gradually

Next in our prevention to sports injury is to make gradual increase to the level of training to prevent stress on bones, joints, and muscles.

5.   Pay attention to your body condition.

You also need to listen to your body's signals such as if you feel excessive stress, and especially if your joints feel abnormal.

6.   Pay attention to the air temperature.

If you exercise in tropical climate, pay attention to your body temperature cooling method during exercise. This needs to be done to avoid dehydration or stroke due to high temperatures.

Taisho’s Regional Commercial Director, Mr. Sonny Adi Nugroho, further explained that he and his team also provide education about handling injuries during sports and tips for carrying out physical exercise properly, correctly, measurably, and regularly (BBTT).

"[to treat] Sports injuries such as sprains and bruises by often using heat therapy is inappropriate," he explained.

He added that at 72 hours after a sports injury manifested by swelling and inflammation, cold therapy should be done to prevent swelling and inflammation in the area.

Source in Bahasa Indonesia: Kompas.com, 6 Tips Hindari Cedera Saat Berolahraga, Salah Satunya Jangan Lupa Pemanasan



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