Beware of Measles Cases in Children, Know the Symptoms and Causes!

15 February 2023

Measles in children is now spreading back. Measles is a highly contagious disease and causes a total skin rash over the body and flu-like symptoms.

Measles is also called rubeola which is caused by a virus thereforeno specific medical treatment for this disease. This virus can also spread by itself. measles virus can be transmitted from anywhere, such as air, coughing or sneezing, as well as objects that may have been contaminated.

Measles often attacks children and is a dangerous disease that can cause death with millions of cases occur worldwide every year. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms and causes of measles in children.

Symptoms of Measles in Children

Symptoms of measles in children can include conjunctivitis, which is sometimes called pinkeye. Your little one will also usually have a cough, runny nose and high fever.

In addition, measles in children is also characterized by diarrhea or ear infections. After a child has been sick for 2 to 3 days, a rash usually appears. The rash starts on the face and spreads down the skin towards the feet. This rash can last more than a week before going away.

Children may also have small red spots with a blue-white color in the center of the mouth before the rash appears. The measles rash in children will break out 3-5 days after the symptoms start. Then, it is important to note that measles is highly contagious.

Causes of Measles in Children

Quoting from the Mayo Clinic, measles in children is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that replicates in the nose and throat of a child, or an infected adult.

If your little one infected with measles coughs, sneezes or talks, the infected droplets can spray into the air and other people can inhale them.

These infected droplets can also fall on surfaces where the virus remains active and infectious for several hours.

Other people can catch the virus by rubbing their mouth or nose or rubbing their eyes after touching infected surfaces.

How to Treat Measles in Children

Currently there remainsno specific therapy for measles in children. Usually, uncomplicated measles will go away on its own, within 7-10 days after infection occurs.

However, here are some things you can try to overcome and prevent measles virus in children:

1. Drink Water

You can ensure that your little one drinks more fluids, at least drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, to prevent dehydration.

2. Consume Vitamin A

Giving vitamin A can prevent complications of measles in children. Vitamin A can strengthen the immune system, improve vision and keep skin healthy.

Apart from strengthening the body's immunity, vitamin A also functions as an antioxidant and fixing cell damage. There are several types of food that containvitamin A, such as cheese, boiled eggs, milk, shrimp, fish eggs and salmon.

3. Get Enough Rest

Adequate rest can also help the body's defense system if you experience measles in children. You can use a humidifier or give a bowl of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey to reduce coughing and sore throat.

4. Prepare medicines

You need to provide medicines such as fever reducers containing paracetamol to reduce fever and relieve body aches.

However, avoid giving aspirin to children under 16 years and pay attention to the dosage of these drugs, to prevent impaired liver function.

5. ObservingSigns of Serious Illness

If your little one has measles, you should watch for signs of serious complications with measles that can sometimes occur.

Signs of a more serious problem include shortness of breath, sharp chest pain that is worse when breathing, coughing up blood, drowsiness, confusion, seizures.

The spread of the measles virus can be prevented by keeping our children and ourselves clean when traveling with our family. Therefore, if your child starts showing symptoms of measles, immediately take them to the doctor to get proper treatment.

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