Employee Certification Program to Improve Employee Competences and Support Company Programs

13 December 2022

Employees are important elements for the company’s success in achieving Commercial, Production and Operational targets.

Employees who have the competences (knowledge and skills) are needed in accordance with operational standards and requirements to carry out continuous improvement programs.

One of those programs is the Manufacturing program which is intended to increase production profitability, product quality achievement, cost saving while also prioritizing work processes with high safety standards. This Safety standard is intended for employee and product safety, because both can have a major impact on the well-being of the company. An effective safety system ensures that employees handle products properly in a safe environment. Of course, employees with qualified competence are needed to create this safe work environment.

Therefore several certification programs for related employees become the priorities to improve employee competences as required in realizing a qualified safety system through various certifications in K3 program. We also prioritize certifications needed in production such as certification to ensure employees to be the Halal supervisors. These certification part of the overall development program for employees and the development program will continue improve to support the success of individual employees and PT. Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia.

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