Employee Wellness Program - Be healthy, be happy!

23 September 2022

Let’s take care of our physical health

Have you ever felt tired, sore, and stiff at the end of your day, while working the whole day sitting in front of your laptop? Seems like this is now a common ‘syndrome’ that office workers, even those who are still in their 30’s. No wonder that we have the word ‘millenial jompo’ [geriatric millennials] to call young people whose bodies already feel tired and stiff.

Body posture when working is one that causes the body to feel tired, sore and stiff. We may not realize it, many of us sit with the same posture and we are glued to our desk and monitor for the whole day without sufficient breaks. Moreover, we sometimes work in a not proper ergonomic pose.

Ideally, we should take regular breaks and have some body movement such as standing and do little stretching. We need to have awareness to give our body the breaks from deskbound pose, but we often ignore or we are not motivated to do so. Don’t worry, bestie … we have our sports program in place, after 2-years paused due to pandemic. You can join our fun sports activities along with Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia colleagues.

This is a part of Taisho Wellbeing Program to provide fun exercise and help our employees to be fit and fresh, so that we can have a more comfortable working environment with less stress level.

Kuy! Let’s join the program; take time to exercise to appreciate yourself more by making your body fit and releasing work stress, we have Zumba, badminton, pingpong, and mini soccer. For further information you may ask HR team to join the fun. Always remember; Be healthy, be happy!

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