Existing on Social Media, Counterpain Wins Top Social Media Award 2022

24 October 2022

Today's social media can indeed be used as a tool for promotion.

Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, various companies are conducting campaigns through social media. Along with the increasing role of social media, Frontier Consulting Group with Marketing Magazine launched the Top Social Media Award, an award for companies that are recognized as having a large share of voice and good sentiment on social media. This year, Counterpain won the Top Social Media Award for the Muscle Cream category with a score of 66.7% or the highest.

Top Social Media Awards are brands or individuals that are discussed positively on social media. The research was conducted through digging in various social media using software developed by Media Wave to get the earned media share of voice index which is the net score of positive brand mentions added with neutral brand mentions and reduced by negative brand mentions. The social media monitored includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as articles on blogs, online news, videos, and forums. The quality and quantity of the talks are also analyzed thoroughly.

Of course, positive talk from loyal Counterpain consumers on social media has brought Counterpain to this success. This award will continue to inspire Counterpain to consistently improve interactions through social media, provide information and solutions for the health of the Indonesian people.

Counterpain, No Pain No Gain

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