How to Relieve Muscle Pain during Mudik

19 April 2022

This year, the government allows people to take their mudik for Eid.

This year, the government allows people to take their mudik for Eid. Wanderers definitely want to celebrate the holidays with their beloved family. You may have to take a long journey to return to your hometown and often your body becomes sore and your muscles ache.

Here are some tips to manage your soreness and aches

Wear comfortable clothes

Do not wear clothes that are too tight and made in uncomfortable materials for your mudik travel. Wear clothes made of cotton or wool that absorbs sweat in relatively loose fitting so that the body can move freely.

Find the most comfortable sitting position

Mudik trip usually takes long hours. Therefore, avoid an uncomfortable sitting position. Find a sitting position that allows you to sit comfortably. Avoid sitting position that is too close to each other. You can have pillows support in certain areas, such as the neck and back.

Do some massage

Deep pressure applied in a massage can help reduce muscle aches and pains. This is due to the pressure from the massage stimulating mechanical sensors in the muscles which will trigger muscle reflexes to relax themselves. Massage can also increase blood circulation, which is very useful giving relieve to aches that occur due to poor blood circulation. Muscles will become more flexible and soreness will be reduced.


Stretching can make stiff muscles flexible again. Moving stiff muscles by doing stretches will increase blood circulation which relieves stiffness in the muscles. There are some simple movements that can be done by all family members while on mudik trip. Keep in mind that the best time to stretch is every 2 hours which you can do when you stop at a rest area.

Give hot sensation to aching areas

The sensation of heat can help reduce muscle soreness. When traveling for mudik, one of the most practical sources of heat is Counterpain Cream. When applied to the areas of the body, Counterpain will heat these areas, increasing the blood flow in them and reduce the muscle pain.

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