S1 - The Exciting Way to Review Team Performance

30 November 2022

At the end of each semester, the departments in Technical Operations (TO), as the backbone of the manufacturing process at Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia (TPI).

Actively carry out the review process which has become a routine program in an effort to realize "Manufacture Excellence". This activity is one of the important agendas for measuring and conveying the performance of TO team to support the realization of Manufacturing Excellence culture.

After this review forum was stopped due to the pandemic, finally on August 26, 2022, S1 forum was held in Bandung which was attended by Supervisors, Section Heads, Managers, as well as Head level and Director of TO departments. This forum became very exciting, because each department was asked to be creative to present the results of the department's achievements versus the targeted KPIs and also reporting the improvement process in a very unique way and some of the team had the presentation in the form of drama and dancing a la Tik-Tok which is be the current trend. In the midst of the excitement, TO Director gave the motivation for leaders to be more open in communication, be proactive, and be responsive in solving the challenges.

The excitement continued, everyone was exciting at the gathering event with the theme of Fashion Week and also at the event of team building on the next day where each department was eager to work together and collaborate which should embody TPI's Core Competency - Change, Chance, Challenge and Charge in completing tasks and unique games from the committee. This enthusiasm and spirit should be maintained for performance improvement and innovation to answer the challenges in the second semester.

Taisho Yes We Can! Keep up the positive spirit, creativity and innovation!

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