The Excitement of 2022 Employee Gathering

28 December 2022

At the beginning of December 2022, the Employee Gathering event was held and enthusiastically attended by TPI Management and Employees after 2 years the event was not available due to covid situation.

Joy and excitement are in the air during the team building activities and fun games while on the way to Grafika, Cikole and not to forget the plentiful door prizes were acknowledged with joy and laughter.

This Employee Gathering is part of an appreciation for the contribution and commitment of employees to achieving goals and targets. Thus, the management does not hesitate to participate in team building activities, even Mr. Yukio Sawada who just took on the role of the new Director at TPI enjoyed the games and activities, signifying the cooperation and collaboration between employees and management of TPI to face changes and challenges in the future.

After the Team Building activities at Grafika, Cikole, the group arrived at the Floating Market to relax and unwind, getting out of the work routine. This Employee Gathering became part of the memory of TPI employees and is expected for everyone to become energized to continue to do their best.

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