Tips for a Safe Staycation with Children in the Midst of a Pandemic

12 July 2022

During school holidays like now, you definitely want to take advantage of this vacation time for a staycation with your little one.

During school holidays like now, you definitely want to take advantage of this vacation time for a staycation with your little one. With the rise in cases of COVID-19, there are some matters that you need to pay attention to in ensuring you have a safe and comfortable staycation. You would not be happy to have your family ill after a vacation, would you. Here are some tips for a staycation with children that is safe and certainly still fun.

1. Choose a hotel or accommodation with strict health protocols

The spread of the virus can occur anywhere. Therefore, make sure to choose a hotel or accommodation that implements good health protocol, for example those that routinely disinfectant surfaces and things, that check body temperature, that pay attention to the crowd or room capacity limit, and other measures.

2. Choose your accommodation in green zone

As we know, during the pandemic, the government has set color codes for zones based on the number of cases that occurred in the region. Area with low cased to a certain level are declared green zone. To reduce the risk of exposure to virus, make sure you choose an accommodation which location is in the green zone.

3. Find out what your accommodation has in regards with facilities for children and family members.

Choosing accommodation should not be based solely on the sleep comfort level, but also on what they offer, especially if you bring your little ones. Find out what facilities are offered by your accommodation, such as a swimming pool, gym, children's playground or club, spa and massage, and other facilities.

4. Prepare fun activities for your little one to do in your room

There are times when you may not be able to take your little one to the pool or play area. So, try to bring his favorite toys or ask him to play games that are no less exciting. For example, when you stay in a room that has a bathtub, you can play with bubble bath and floaties.

5. As much as possible take advantage of family time to the fullest and reduce the use of gadgets.

After undergoing a routine with a hectic work schedule, of course your goal in having a staycation is to maximize time with your family. Therefore, try to reduce the use of gadgets when you are with your family, so you can really enjoy this staycation moment being present.

So, those are some tips that you can do to have a safe and comfortable staycation with your little. Don't forget to maintain health protocols, wear proper masks, and get yourself and your family members vaccinated. For children who have not been vaccinated or have not been able to get a booster, you can optimize their protection by teaching your children on how to wear their masks properly. Maintain clean lifestyle habits so that children know when to wash and clean their hands. Before and during the holidays, take care of your child's health by providing good and complete nutrition. Don't forget to always prepare personal medicines such as fever medicine containing paracetamol as first aid if your little one has a fever or pain.


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