What to do when you have symptoms of long Covid-19

19 April 2022

Covid-19 survivors are often still experiencing some health issues even though they have been cleared of Covid-19 infection.

Covid-19 survivors are often still experiencing some health issues even though they have been cleared of Covid-19 infection. This is categorized as long-covid and may come in various forms or symptoms and may cause confusion as each person may experience different symptoms or issues with different degrees of severity. The condition is considered as long covid if it is still experienced by survivors after more than four weeks of being cleared of infection.

However, this difference in symptoms and conditions are not caused by specific parameter such as age, nor severity of symptoms when infected by Covid-19. Long covid is determined by the immune condition of the person in the period of infection. Some symptoms are chest pain, hard of breathing, dry cough or cough with phlegm, exhaustion, nausea, throwing up and diarrhea. Some people experience symptoms of prolonged loss of sense of smell or taste. Post Covid symptoms are various depending on the part of bodies attacked by the virus during period of infection.

Management of post Covid-19 infection

•Have a regular consultation with your doctor

Most survivors no longer have consultation with their doctor once they are tested negative for Covid-19 while it is important to have a regular check to identify cause when symptoms arise, and to apply proper treatment to achieve recovery. If face-to-face consultation is no possible, virtual or teleconsultation may be used.

•Maintain intake of medicine and vitamins

Your doctor may prescribe you medicine and multivitamins such as Theragran that contains 9 vitamins and 7 minerals for Covid-19 survivors to take post-infection. You may want to keep taking those medicine and multivitamins until your doctor tell you to stop taking them. Those prescribed for you would have been designated according to your condition, therefore you don’t need to worry about serious adverse events of taking the medication or supplement.

•Take post Covid-19 examination

Take health exam after you are stated as free from Covid-19. The objection is to have a clear image of our health and body condition post infection. This would enable easier diagnosis in case you are experiencing long covid.

•Maintain your health

Being recovered from Covid-19 does not mean that you would not be infected again. To guard against being re-infected, please ensure to apply proper health protocol, have a clean living, have nutritious meals, have ample rest, and do routine sports. You may also need to have your immunity strengthen by getting vaccine booster. Based on MoH info, survivors of Covid-19 who were asymptomatic, or with slight and moderate symptoms, could get their booster vaccine 1 month after infection. For those with sever symptoms need to wait 3 months after confirmed positive.

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