Full Time

Head of Sales and Promotion

Achieving company sales performance and growth by establishing the strategy to optimize distributor and sub distributor, account partnership, trade promotion strategy, digital channel, go to market for new opportunities and managing complexity of sales execution of sales process and sales force team


  • Bachelor Degree preferable from pharmacy, open with any general management background
  • Having 5 years of experience in a position of National Wide Sales Leader in pharmaceutical industry (preferable OTC)
  • Broad knowledge and experience in Distribution management, Account partnership management & Sales strategy
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Drive for result and strategic thinking
  • Demonstrate ability to serve as a successful participant on the executive management team that provides company leadership and direction
  • Full understanding of the way an organization operates to meet its objectives
  • A business acumen partnered with a good understanding of pharmaceutical business and organization


  • Establish trade promotions strategy, discount budget management, negotiate with all pareto key accounts which include distributor, sub-distributor and channel key account management (hospital, modern trade, pharmacy chain, wholesale pharma/drugstore), e-commerce and institution to achieve company sales target.
  • Leverage distributor partnership which includes evaluate and optimize the performance of distributor, sub-distributor and channel management for product availability/visibility, active outlet coverage, customer loyalty, and trading term.
  • Achieve sales growth by identifying opportunities of new market, new customer and territory and develop go to market strategy.
  • To optimize the implementation of marketing campaign and activities across the branches in accordance with Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia & GP Pharma code of conduct.
  • Lead and direct sales management team (Key Account, Regional Sales and Sales Operations Management managers) to manage the complex operational of sales force team, to boost team spirit, motivation, discipline and improve selling capability.
  • Build Digital channel through developing e-commerce sales (b2b and b2c) and performing the necessary transformation.
  • Be the company culture ambassador for 4C core competency as well as for compliance and company/industry code of conduct.

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