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With over a century of history, Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings has the largest share of Japan’s over-the-counter pharmaceutical market and a strong presence in health food, cosmetics, and other fields. Our overseas expansion began in 1963 with exports of Lipovitan D to Taiwan. Today, our brands are popular with consumers in every part of Asia. In Europe, we are expanding based on 80 years of tradition and brand recognition built across the continent by French pharmaceutical manufacturer UPSA SAS.


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Analgesic cream for relief of muscular aches, joint pain, sprains and pain caused by lumbago.


Paracetamol to relieve fever and pain in children such as headaches, toothaches and reduce fever<...


Multivitamin and mineral to help the healing period after illness


Multivitamin and mineral to maintain health


Proven to be effective in reducing symptoms of dry and sensitive skin


To moisture, soften and soothe your dry, rough heel to prevent cracking

Kenalog® in Orabase

Adjunctive treatment and for the temporary relieve of symptoms associated with oral inflammatory ...

Kenacort® Tablet

Treatment for conditions that need oral corticosteroid


Treatment of oral candidiasis in oral cavity

Kenacort®-A Cream

Relieve of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid responses dermatoses.


Treatment of cutaneous mycotic infection caused by Candida albicans


Prevention and relief of motion sickness and treatment of vertigo, nausea or vormiting.