Multivitamin and mineral to help the healing period after illness

About the product

A Family Multivitamin Mineral’s recipe which consist of complete vitamin and mineral has introduced for Indonesia family in 1974, to protect whole family member, and being consumed, tried and test from generation to generation, with HCP endorsement as high quality and proven efficacy, to support recovery process. This moment of truth for Vitamin Theragran® - M as “to start a day with positive things”, to create high associate of the importance of Vitamins, Minerals in Vitamin Theragran® - M to support Indonesian Family’s healthiness.

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To speed healing process of various diseases

Contains the most complete 9 vitamins and 7 minerals composition, especially the most important ones are Magnesium and Zinc, has been certified halal from the MUI, 45 Years trusted by Indonesian people.

Multivitamin and Mineral
Sleave consists of 4 Sugar Coated Tablets

Vitamin (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E) and Mineral (Iodium, Besi, Tembaga II, Mangan II, Magnesium, Zinc)

Dose & Usage

1 sugar coated tablet daily at or after meals

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